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Conversational Course

Take your Thai to the next level

     Whether you're just beginning your Thai journey or have been learning for a while and want to enhance your fluency, here at Learn Thai In Style, I've got the perfect course for you. The courses I offer are designed to help you speak and understand Thai more effectively and confidently, whether it's for everyday chats or professional situations.

No more textbook language. Here, you will learn real Thai

     Ever wondered why, after spending so much time learning Thai, you still struggle to understand when Thai people talk to you or when you're watching dramas? It's likely because you've learned a lot of textbook language that doesn't always show up in everyday Thai. Here, I tailor the lessons specifically for you, focusing on speaking fluently and understanding real-life conversations.

Slides are well designed and easy to follow, whatever level you are.

     Ever find yourself feeling sleepy because the class materials are just too dull?

     Here, I design lessons that keep you engaged and interested. Each lesson is thoughtfully crafted to suit different skill levels, ensuring that you stay awake and focused on learning.

Access to class recorded VDOs & class screenshots
to review the lessons

    No need to worry about missing out on important class details. Here, you'll receive class recordings and screenshots tailored for your review needs. Revisit them anytime and anywhere, making your learning experience not only convenient but truly enjoyable and effective.

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